Search Engine Optimization Case Studies

eBrandz is proud to present a select few case studies. In each of these case studies, we were able to make a real difference to our client's marketing effort.

SEO Case Studies
  • Overnight, the visits to my website increased 50%. With eBrandz? work and guidance, the site is back and running again. Because of the successful results outlined above, it has allowed me to hire eBrandz to expand the scope of their work on my websites, such as Social Media Marketing and Optimization.

    Steve Parquet, Founder of Kauai Vacation Rentals
  • The team is very responsive. I usually hear back from them right-away - sometime in minutes. They take every question very seriously and provided me as much help as possible. The project manager would surprise me by calling me during day times here in US while it was after midnight in India.

    Paul & Shawn Nag, Founder of Print Papa
  • The long term return on investment is quite impressive. We don't have any exact figures on it, but the return on investment is well over 100% and grows continuously.

    Dustin Hess, Owner of DH Books
  • Well, I would say if you want to save about 65% on professional SEO, then you would go with eBrandz. I have experience with other SEO companies that have charged us 100K for a fraction of the work that ebrandz has done. Not to mention that eBrandz is much more professional and thorough. They respond quickly, and the SEO campaign is right on schedule.
    After four months, increase in traffic was about 200-300% and sales shot up by 80%. Our ROI so far is about 300% and growing.

    Lawrence Kreger, Owner of
  • We looked for a good SEO company to help us increase our visibility on Google. In various search engines we did a search and found eBrandz. After looking at several other SEO companies, we found that a large portion actually subcontracted out to eBrandz. That was good enough for us to take our decision. eBrandz was reasonably priced and assured us they could improve our page rankings. The team was very professional and responded to inquiries with a very few delays. After a month, we began to see gradual improvements to ranking. Over a year, we have increased web traffic roughly by 250%. Our sales have increased by almost 200% since we began working towards a higher page ranking with eBrandz. Additionally our ROI is well over 400%.
    We would recommend eBrandz to any other company struggling with their online page rankings.

    Gary Strahan,
  • We have had no issues working with the team at eBrandz. They follow up on emails immediately and have followed the SEO schedule that was given to us up front.
    Since we have worked with eBrandz, our website traffic has increased by approximately 30 percent, our sales have increased by approximately 20 percent, and our return on investment has been approximately 35 percent. We realize that SEO is a long-term strategy and that the results will get better the longer we work on optimizing our site.

    Roger, Owner of Top Education Guide
  • We found eBrandz online and decided to go with them after looking at what they offered. Communication is the main concern with offshore companies, but it did not worry us with eBrandz. They followed a schedule and answered our questions in a timely manner. Our traffic increased dramatically after three months, and our ROI shot up by 35 percent. We would always recommend eBrandz to others - except our competitors.

    Peter Lewis, Franchise Record Pool
  • Direct Flights has never experienced anything but the most positive working relationships with eBrandz. They clearly detail a schedule and then consistently work towards meeting the targets outlined. In addition, they regularly provide additional services and advice outside their scope of work. As for an increase in website traffic, we do not currently have the figures compiled for comparison; but it is safe to say that Direct Flights is very happy to have eBrandz as our SEO partner, and we plan to maintain our partnership for a long time. The ROI for the first six months would be over 200 percent.

    Mr Nay Phu Tran, (CEO, Managing Director), Direct Flights International Pty Ltd
  • One of my most fortunate decisions was to work with Milind and eBrandz in 2003. Together we have built a foundation for to grow. Without eBrandz I am not sure if would have turned into the amazing business it has become. I personally have recommend eBrandz to many of my associates in New York.

    Stuart Sherman, President of Gotobaby
  • We are grateful to have found a company of honesty, integrity, expertise and results. We are very pleased to say that eBrandz has not only met our expectations, but has far exceeded them. eBrandz has helped us get a 250 % return on investment on search engine optimization.
    Additional Note: We were contacted by another SEO company recently who, after looking at the results from eBrandz, said that they didn't know how eBrandz did it, but they couldn't offer any better service. Now, that's a compliment from the industry when a salesperson stopped trying to sell!

    Dr. Jill Henry CEO,
  • eBrandz is very professional and responsive. The staff is wonderful to work with. Their knowledge of SEO is great and effective. The team is very responsive and results driven. The schedule provided was strictly adhered to and all concerns and questions were quickly addressed. We feel very confident working with the eBrandz staff.

    Jeff Tucker, Owner of
  • Pearl Software continues to retain eBrandz beyond its initial scope of work in order to further optimize its web site as well as manage its Pay-per-click marketing efforts.

    David Fertell, Pearl Software
  • Our Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of revenue vs. what we pay eBrandz has been 1800%! I calculated it.

    David Schnitt, President of IQ BackOffice
  • Because my industry is so specialized I did not have the competition that some companies might have. I was told I would start seeing results in a few months but I actually started seeing results in just a few weeks. We have picked up many new clients and candidates because of our search engine placement that eBrandz helped us with.

    Craig Robins, Owner of Robins Consulting
  • I can't tell you how amazing eBrandz and its team have been for our business. We have seen fantastic results since we started with them.

    Sanet, Owner, The Gift Lady
  • We started seeing results in two months. Currently we have seen 150% increase in website traffic and are quite happy with the results eBrandz was able to achieve.

    David Storobin, Principal Attorney of Storobin & Associates
  • We are now generating about 7 leads a day. Each of these leads costs about $30 a piece, so over the course of a month well you do the math. According to our internal calculations we got a 110 % Return on investment.

    Tom Thomas, Owner of Superior Debt Relief
  • We are very happy & satisfied with the dedicated and ethical SEO services offered by eBrandz team.

    Milad Chater, Owner of Know Before You Go Inc.
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