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  • eBrandz has intelligent bidding rules, responsive technical support, upgrades that are actually useful, and a pricing structure that makes buying it a no-brainer

    Sanjeev Dillon, Web Order Desk Loudring / Rogers Wireless
  • We selected eBrandz as they were fastest to respond to our questions and enquiries, customer Service is the most important thing any company can offer. eBrandz team was always prompt in replying to our questions and followed the time schedule given to us. One important thing we noticed was that their answers were always factual and not misleading in any way. We would definitely recommend eBrandz to other companies.

    Lorna Mair, Owner, Dubai Vacation Villas.
  • I did not have any hesitation while signing up with eBrandz.I started seeing improvement in rankings and traffic in 3 months.
    I would without hesitation recommend eBrandz to other companies.

    Simon D Harris, Owner, Romantic
  • I found eBrandz to be very responsive and to date we have seen a dramatic increase in our ranking only after 3 months. The team has worked very well with us and we look forward to better relations in the future. eBrandz, in our opinion is among the top companies offering SEO services and they are responsive to all our questions in record time. Hence we would definitely recommend eBrandz to other companies.

    Natalie John, Owner Dreamy Weddings & Tour
  • Their first task was a very impressive first report showing where we were, who our competitors were and what was needed to be done.This was really what made us to start working with them right away. Our sales increased by 46 % in 2007 as compared to 2006. This is purely eBrandz success. I would and I do recommend eBrandz to every company.

    Hamdiye Baran, Marketing Manager, DBS LTD
  • "eBrandz did a very good job in finding all the right combination of keywords, being in a very highly competitive market some keywords really make the difference and helps you gaining visibility among paid ads, eBrandz was capable of finding the right keyword for our advertisement.
    I owe a large part of the success of my business to the team at eBrandz and highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional team of PPC adwords specialists."

    C. Park, Owner PE Recruitment Agency Inc.
  • The PPC team at eBrandz was very prompt and good in responding to any of our questions. They carried out keyword research meticulously and updated them on a regular basis along with the ad copies and weekly statistics.
    Overall eBrandz team has been very helpful and supportive in the process. I have no hesitation in recommending their services as a credible online partner

    Lorenzo, Owner,
  • In the end my choice was eBrandz because of the sincerity of their answers to my queries. They were not promising me the moon but they were offering me reality. I thought that was the honesty that I was looking for. The people at eBrandz listened to my problem and instantly started working on solving it. This was done in less than five days.
    Now my complete operation is in the hands of eBrandz and I can sleep at night knowing that the best team has dedicated itself to bringing success to my business.

    Pual Gauthier, Owner, Paugau.
  • Our service has considerably improved and we are getting many inquiries per month from the AdWords campaign. From this, a number of them actually buy our services. We hope to see these inquiries increase even more in the near future. Undoubtedly, through the PPC campaigns, eBrandz have helped us reach potential clients who we would probably not have reached by other means.

    Tom Mghendi, Online Marketing Executive- Africapoint
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