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We have had no issues working with the team at eBrandz. They follow up on emails immediately and have followed the SEO schedule that was given to us up front.

Since we have worked with eBrandz, our website traffic has increased by approximately 30 percent, our sales have increased by approximately 20 percent, and our return on investment has been approximately 35 percent. We realize that SEO is a long-term strategy and that the results will get better the longer we work on optimizing our site.

- Roger, Owner of Top Education Guide

Extension Marketing Group specializes in marketing retention and recruitment lead generation solutions for colleges, universities, and career schools. Our services, which include Internet marketing and search marketing, are designed to increase institutions' brands and reach America's leading candidates seeking educational and professional growth.
Their goal was to increase SEO traffic that would be vital in getting the qualified leads for which colleges, universities and schools were looking. When they contacted eBrandz, the main problem with the site was that the site did not have search engine friendly architecture. The URL structure was not static. It featured a lot of outbound or affiliate links. It also lacked enough keyword-rich content. We were in a sticky situation if we could not get URL structure changed quickly.
We had several talks with the client in order to get the problems fixed. The first problem we wanted to fix was converting dynamic URLs to static or flat structure, but this was not possible in a short span of time. We immediately provided an alternative solution by adding static pages with content for keywords we would target. This was approved quickly, and the client followed all of the suggestions that we provided for content additions. Our consulting sessions also included recommendations on either making changes to the affiliate links in such a way that they do not look like an affiliate or add a 'nofollow' tag to avoid link juice leakage. Once improvements to the site structure were made, we worked on the best ethical SEO practices including meta tags, link popularity development, adding general articles, and some Web 2.0 activities. The site was moved to a dedicated server from a shared server.
The client was very happy to see rankings improving in a couple of months. The organic traffic increased from 150 to more than 500 in six months.
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