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"Well, I would say if you want to save about 65% on professional SEO, then you would go with eBrandz. I have experience with other SEO companies that have charged us 100K for a fraction of the work that ebrandz has done. Not to mention that eBrandz is much more professional and thorough. They respond quickly, and the SEO campaign is right on schedule.

After four months, increase in traffic was about 200-300% and sales shot up by 80%. Our ROI so far is about 300% and growing."

- Lawrence Kreger, Owner of

Client: is one of the most informative websites about anabolic steroids on the internet. is an inexhaustible resource for athletes who want to keep up to date with anabolic steroid information.
The website was stuck in a Google sandbox. In simple terms the website was present in search engines, Google robots crawled the website but it was not ranking for any terms. Not even for it's company name. The challenge was to get rid of Google Sandbox and push it up to the top pages to get significant traffic.
As part of our service, we started regular chats with the client and realized that a lot of activities done on the website were not in compliance with search engine guidelines. Our team cleaned the site off some redundant code and optimized on-page factors to meet search engine guidelines. Our recommendations for them to rewrite the urls to make them SEO friendly, add content on regular basis and variation in links they had, helped the website get out of Google Sandbox.
The website shot off to the 4th page for Steroids and a few other keywords after two months. Constant concerted efforts on the other SEO aspects including link popularity development, meta tags and a little bit of social media optimization did the magic of pushing the site on the first page for important keywords. The site ranked on the first page for steroids for sale and on the second page for steroids after 4 months.
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