Affiliate Marketing Management Case Study
eBrandz Appraisal:

"eBrandz has helped me to compete with bigger businesses and allow me to grow. Together we have built a foundation for to grow"

- Brett Anderson, Owner, The Space Store

The Space Store is the universal leader in quality NASA and space theme products including toys, memorabilia, Astronaut Suits, costumes, food and more.

Despite signing up with one of the best affiliate networks like Commission Junction, there were not many takers for's affiliate program. Being a busy entrepreneur, client did not have time to manage, nurture and grow affiliates. Hence client approached eBrandz for affiliate program management. There was no recruitment strategy for getting more affiliates. Also it was discovered that the program had many parasitic affiliates which were using various technologies to overwrite other affiliate links and take commissions from other affiliates.
eBrand affiliate team did a comprehensive evaluation of the affiliate program. Few key failings were identified and the action plan was put forward. This included
  • A - Support: There was no support provided to affiliates; they had no guidance or help on tools to use or products to promote. An affiliate manager was assigned to run the program and provide full time support to affiliates.
  • B - Clean up: Of the 10 performing affiliates it was found that 3 were using Parasitic marketing methods to overwrite and steal from other affiliates. eBrandz team recommended client to remove these affiliates from the program. Also, we took various security measures to avoid fraudulent transactions by manually approving the Affiliates and doing fraud check on each transaction.
  • C - Increase affiliates: eBrandz, Affiliate team advised client to add some Affiliate Marketing related content on his website and provide a direct sign up link to the network from his website. This helped tremendously in increasing number of affiliate applications and create buzz about client's affiliate program. eBrandz team also did its own research and pitched to good potential sites to become affiliates.
Client started seeing improvements within a month and Affiliate Marketing has helped client increase total sales. This is what Brett Anderson, Owner of The Space Store has to say, “The Affiliate Programs are best run by eBrandz, so I don't have to worry about it and I can concentrate on my core business. Also, eBrandz Affiliate Marketing representatives are very professional and always address my questions and concerns, usually within an hour or so. eBrandz has helped me to compete with bigger businesses and allow me to grow. Together we have built a foundation for to grow."
"Without eBrandz I am not sure if would have turned into the amazing business it has become".
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