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“Search Marketing Standard” Magazine publishes an article on Outsourcing by eBrandz CEO.

New York, NY – November 15, 2007 – One of the interesting articles in the winter issue of Search Marketing Standard magazine is titled “Outsourcing Search Marketing to Low-Cost Labor Destinations” and is written by Milind Mody, CEO of eBrandz Inc.

So what is the story behind the article? “I first saw Search Marketing Standard magazine at SES New York (April 2007) says Milind. “I was immediately attracted to the editorial quality of the magazine”. During the course of the event, Alex Lukashov, who is Advertising Director for SMS Magazine met us at our stall. I told him how I liked their magazine and praised their writers and editors. I also asked him whether it was possible to contribute an article to their magazine. He gave me contact details of their editor.”

Milind continues, “After that, I got quite busy and it’s only in August that I followed up with them with an idea on writing an article on Outsourcing. Incidentally their latest issue had also discussed Outsourcing and hence I think they were interested. I gave them examples of articles I had written in previous publications and they liked those articles. So I worked with their editorial team and the final result is this article”.

So how was the experience working with their team? “Extremely nice and professional team. It was a pleasure working with them.” And what is the article all about? “Well the article talks about Outsourcing for Search Marketing industry. A little bit of history and helpful information for people considering outsourcing. For more information of course you will have to buy the magazine and read it”.

About eBrandz Inc: - eBrandz Inc helps small and medium businesses increase their sales or leads through internet marketing techniques. Because its technical team is based in , eBrandz prices are 5 to 10 times less than its competitors in US. eBrandz has offices in New York, Singapore and mumbai

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