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  • Eric Bordier Owner
    Phone: 420224323734 States Website: RENTeGO Lesnicka 7 150 00 Praha 5 Prague, Czech Republic
    150 00 United States

    We launched our business two years ago – RENTeGO, apartment-hotels in Prague- Our apartments are greatly located and at about half the price of hotels, but the Internet is an also a key element for our success because most of our reservations come from it. Also, some functions we propose- like online availability search and secure only reservation- are not matched by our competitors, so prospects who like to do everything online are especially interesting for us.

    First we tried a French company- we were very disappointed. They had a good brand name, but actually their offer for smaller companies was a trick: they cost a lot, set a few special pages but did not do the hands-on job- page optimization and getting links. Poor results.

    Then we started looking for another solution – used a simple trick to find potential suppliers- typed seo in Google… Also, we noticed that the competitor who had the best rankings in our field was using another company, which kind of showed that outsourcing to India might be the solution. eBrandz made us the best proposal- they were very clear and precise about the diagnostic, the process and the calendar. And I could see on their existing clients that they get result.

    Of course I had some concerns signing up with a company in . I had a bad seo experience before, I already have concerns signing up with a company next door- don’t feel like going to court often. So with a country far away as India I checked even more carefully.

    That being said, there were many reassuring factors with eBrandz:

    • Their results for many clients
    • The precision of their commitments
    • Finally the fact that we could pay by credit card (remember that if you do not agree with a CC payment, it is up to the merchant to prove that they delivered).

    The eBrandz team did what they said, said what they did. They were also very reactive to my suggestions and questions. (Sometimes I like to understand what goes on with our website).

    Improvement was fast for MSN, and we are getting close – for Yahoo and Google.

    We have already recommended eBrandz to our friends from (they arrange dating for serious relationships in Prague). They are very happy with eBrandz’s services.

    Thank You Again.

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