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Accuscore Shareasale #32266
Accuscore 10% 30 days cookie No PPC Restriction 7 days Free Membership*
East Essence Shareasale #24673 LinkConnector #108414 Commissionfactory #19419
East Essence 7% World Wide Shipping Average Sale is over $118 Auto Deposit
The Chess Store Shareasale #33638 LinkConnector #110813
The Chess Store 8% 12% (VIP) 30 days cookie Auto Deposit
Sure Trader CJ #3342719
Sure Trader $100 per qualified lead 60 days Cookie Exclusive CJ advertiser EPC $285
vahdam teas Shareasale #57171 Linkconnector #145344
vahdam teas 12% 15 Days cookie Data Feed Available Hosted in multi networks
Mint Broker Cj #5102425
Mint Broker $100 per qualified lead 45 day referral period Exclusive CJ advertiser Unlimited referrals
Dr.numb Shareasale #82581 CJ #5140444
Dr.numb 18% Auto Deposit Data Feed Available Hosted in multi networks Power Rank Merchant
Body Jewelry ShareASale #24903
Body Jewelry 20% 60 days Cookie Datafeed Free Shipping All Orders Over $25
Half Price Drapes ShareASale #31170
Half Price Drapes 12% 15% TOP affiliates 30 days Cookie Auto Deposit
Steep Discount Mart Shareasale #74224
Steep Discount Mart 10% Duble Commission for first 30 days Data Feed Available Auto Deposit Exclusive ShareASale Merchant
Standards & Practices Shareasale #82224
Standards & Practices 9% 90days cookie Free Shipping & Returns on Orders $50 Auto Deposit
crossflix Shareasale #83904
crossflix Earn $25 for annual subscription FEarn $3 for monthly subscription 45 days Cookie Auto Deposit
Intolerancelab Shareasale #85505
Intolerancelab 50% 30 days Cookie Auto Deposit Power Rank Merchant Data Feed Available
Puzzle Master ShareASale #16058 Clixglaore #10790 PepperJam #6633
Puzzle Master 10% 120 to 365 days cookie Auto Deposit Auto Data feed
Nectar Collector LinkConnector #143152
Nectar Collector 15% 60 Days cookie Auto Deposit PPC allowed
Walabot ShareASale #73160 LinkConnector #149973
Walabot Upto 30% 90 days cookie Power Rank Merchant Auto Deposit
Itshot ShareASale ##79785
Itshot >6% 30 Days cookie Auto Deposit Daily Deal Available
Swimsale Shareasale #77629
Swimsale 10% 30 days Cookie Auto Deposit Avg. order $120+
Tethertug ShareASale #61851 LinkConnector #145252
Tethertug 10% 90 days Cookies Auto Deposit Data Feed
Abacopolarized ShareASale #20080
Abacopolarized 20% 30 days cookie Affiliate Newsletter Data Feed Available Auto Deposit
NF Strike ShareASale #75049
NF Strike 5% 90 Days Cookie Auto Deposit Avg. Sale $100
Jaguarpc ShareASale #61077
Jaguarpc 90 Days Cookie Bonus Available Avg. Order $80.29
Curvegirl ShareASale #75952
Curvegirl 10% 30 days cookie Auto Deposit Datafeed
Colin F. Watson
Colin F. Watson 15% 90 Days Auto deposit Exclusive Shareasale merchant
Maximum Slim ShareASale #29708
Maximum Slim 40% 30 Days cookie Auto Deposit Coupons & deals available
Onsen Secret Shareasale #61851
Onsen Secret 20% 365 days Cookie Auto Deposit Product Feed available
Tactical X-Men
Tactical X-Men 6% 45 days Cookie Auto Deposit PPC Allow For SEM Affiliates

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