Water Treatment Expert gets 500 % ROI
Delhi based Praveen Verma is a water treatment expert and his company Albatross fine Ltd regularly consults the likes of Taj hotels or Leela group on water treatment. Four years back he had written books on water treatment which he wanted to sell online directly to customers. He selected eBrandz to help him market his website on internet and till date has got a consistent Return on Investment of 500 %.
According to Praveen, Watertreatmentbooks.com was launched to provide books on cooling and boiler water treatment. It's a niche market product. Though internet generally has lot of information on most subjects, there was very little information available on this subject. I had these books, which were written by me, but the challenge was in reaching the target audience."
He feels he was a bit lucky to stumble across eBrandz. At that time, eBrandz was a relatively small group of people. But one meeting with Milind Mody the CEO and Praveen knew the company would go places. "I am not a technical person, so I could not understand what they were going to do, but I can understand human beings. Milind Mody's sincerity and potential was written all over his face".
Says Milind Mody, "When I first met Praveen, I was not that keen on working with clients as our target was International clients. However, after meeting Praveen, I felt that we could genuinely help solve his problem. His was a niche industry and getting visitors from search engines was the best option to sell his books online".
After signing up, eBrandz began working on Watertreatmentbooks.com and within three months, the site began ranking on selected keywords in popular search engines. This started bringing in traffic to the website and helped increase sales of the books.
Praveen says, "I have got a consistent Return on investment of 500 %. I recommend eBrandz shamelessly. I might be their biggest fan, not because they are my friends or relatives, but because I like their work ethics. The only thing I don't like is that they never send invoices on time. I have to specially remind them every few months to send me an invoice for the work they are doing".
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