How to Rank Your Website in Multiple Countries? Article on Geo Targeting by Website Magazine
Website Magazine in it's Feb 2008 issue has an article "Geo targeting countries for SEO". The article is written by eBrandz CEO, Milind Mody. The article familiarizes readers to the basic logic used by search engines in associating a domain name with a country. The article also has some useful tips on how to rank websites in multiple geographies.
New York, NY (PRWEB) February 21, 2008 -- Feb 2008 issues of Website Magazine has an interesting article "Geo Targeting Countries For SEO". This article is written by Milind Mody , CEO of Search Engine Optimization company eBrandz. The article describes basic logic used by search engines to associate a domain name with a country. It also has few tips for readers to rank highly in a particular country/ region.
Milind Mody, CEO of eBrandz Inc (and author of this article) says, "Some of the guys in our top management like Peter Prestipino's editorials. He is editor of Website Magazine. Hence I approached him with two possible article ideas. He was interested in the Geo targeting article. The deadline for the Feb issue was fast approaching. I send him a first draft, which was slightly modified and accepted. Peter was very encouraging and a pleasure to work with. I was really impressed by his promptness in answering my questions"
But how did Milind come up with the article idea? He says, "One of the most common questions clients ask us is how do I rank my website in Google UK, Google Australia, Google Canada. It takes time to explain them how search engines work and the logic used to associate a domain with a country. So I thought, let me write an article, and next time anybody asks this question, simply point them to the article."
Milind says that he is reasonably satisfied with the article. Some of the basic concepts explained in the article will not change with time. However, search engine themselves are evolving and hence some additional factors might come into play in future. But the article should give readers a good overview of how things currently work.
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