Direct Flights International Gets 200% ROI From SEO Using eBrandz
New York, NY - October 26, 2007 — Direct Flights International is Australia online discount travel agent, assisting you in planning every aspect of your trip from getting there to getting around. Their award winning site allows you to not only book flights and cruises, car rental, and accommodation, but also gives you information for great activities at your destination.
Since its 1990 establishment as a niche travel operator to Vietnam, Direct Flights International has developed into one of the most well respected travel wholesalers across Australia, combining award-winning dynamic technology, outstanding customer service, and providing unbelievable prices from over 40 air carriers worldwide, and literally thousands of hoteliers across the globe. However, DFI later realized that their presence on the internet was not good and started looking for a search engine optimization company that could help them drive a lot of traffic to their website. During the search, they were referred to eBrandz, a search engine optimization firm based in and in operation since last 4 years.
Though eBrandz’s technical team is based in , Direct Flights had no concern about the location. Says Nay, CEO & Managing Director of Direct Flights, “We never had any concerns with the organization or location of eBrandz’s different teams. We already work with developers who are based both in the UK and Sri Lanka.” Did this really help them in achieving good results in search engines? Nay Says, “Direct Flights has never experienced anything but the most positive of working relationships with eBrandz. They clearly detail a schedule, and then consistently work towards meeting the targets outlined. In addition they regularly provide additional services and advise outside their scope of work. We have seen our ROI increase over 200% in the first six months.”
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eBrandz is a search engine marketing company with offices in 8 major cities of the world including New York, , Singapore and Dubai. With over 1200 clients spread across the world, eBrandz offers a very significant cost advantage to its clients as compared to its competitors in US, UK, Australia or Canada. With a consistent track record of delivering results for its clients, eBrandz is considered one of the best search engine marketing companies in the world.
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