Pay Per Click ManagementCase Studies

eBrandz is proud to present a select few case studies. In each of these case studies, we were able to make a real difference to our client's marketing effort.

PPC Management Case Studies
  • We saw immediate increase in number of sales. According to Brian Lam, "eBrandz PPC management service and support have been superior. Their personalized service and highest level of professionalism allowed our company's sale to go from 2k a day to 6k a day in less than 3 months.

    Brian Lam, President, Pick N Personalize, LLC.
  • The initial research of the PPC campaign has been impeccable. We had several conversations with them regarding various aspects of the campaign, like the keywords, and we were surprised at the way they responded with so much precision!

    Bill Vaughan, President
  • eBrandz has used all the feed back we had given them about the lead quality, as well as doing their own research to bring our cost per sale down from well over $200 per sale to less than $100 per sale.

    Dan Arndt, Principal of Cardservice Paradise
  • eBrandz has really cut down our wasted clicks and found some bargain keywords that have increased our customer acquisition. They are excellent at focusing on terms that find buyers not browsers. We saw immediate results.

    Joe Bowab, President
  • We find your customer service exemplary quick and exceptional. With quick response time, outstanding and punctual reports you have remarkably transformed our site into potentially visible one, consequentially driving more traffic and sales enquiries for us within the span of two months.
    I have already recommended your services to few of our friends and would gladly suggest your services to companies who desire to get more business online.

    Mitchell Su, Owner, eFavormart
  • We saw immediate results in the transfer of equity work. Overall the law industries in U.K. have neglected this area but with help from eBrandz we managed to cash-in at a right time. We saw results and increased traffic in areas that we neglected and in fact the whole industry neglected.

    Bharat Pindoria, Solicitor and Principal , Easylawyers
  • The strategy paid off. Although we got less traffic but the initial response rate was good. As per Craig Robins, "The most important part of my campaigns is keyword research. Because of the targeted campaigns we saw an increase in number of inquiries which we were able to convert them into customers.

    Craig Robins, Owner of Robins Consulting
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