Top Digital Marketing Brands Owned by Us
Our first brand created in 2003. Created to help small businesses grow online without breaking their pockets.
Agencies loved our white label dashboard and services. Hence AgencyPlatform brand was created in 2009 to exclusively service agencies.
We launched our Web Analytics app eReportz to analyze Pay Per Click performance. Features include comprehensive PPC audit, Adtext comparison, top performing keywords, quality score analysis and weekly reporting.
We dabbled in performance marketing and were so successful that we created our own performance marketing network called eAffiliatez in 2005. Currently serving hundreds of mechants and thousands of affiliates.
We have been fortunate to be working with franchisors via agencies. In fact we were so successful that agencies and franchisors asked us to create a separate digital marketing dashboard for franchisors and multi location businesses. Thatís how LocalBiz360 Digital Marketing platform for Franchises was created in 2014.
Many of our larger agencies and clients wanted priority support and strategic consulting and training. Hence SM Marketing was created to provide cutting edge digital marketing consulting to agencies which have 500+ accounts and a few million dollars in billing.
We have been so successful in creating software + service models and in our knowledge of various technologies like Big Data that we decided to invest in Customer360 which was an enterprise video chat and in app helpdesk and chat solution for mobile and web. In fact the startup was so successful that Interactive Intelligence (NASDAQ : ININ) acquired this company in Dec 2015. Know More.

Awards and Recognitions

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