Affiliate Marketing Management Case Study
MensItaly is an online retailer that carries only the finest apparel for men. We manufacture a broad range of suits, slacks, tuxedos, cotton shirts, sports coats, leather belts and ties with amazing designs straight from Germany and Italy alike. It is truly believed that the style and the clothes one choose reflect and affect the mood thus we always go above and beyond to make sure that our customers feel totally comfortable with the purchase they make through our shop.
They came to us in February 2017, with some online presence. They wanted to start affiliate marketing program, increase the overall business revenue & clientele. As we were already working with them on another brand program MensUSA which had a good result thus they were also expecting the same & much better result from MensItaly program.
As part of our service, we host MensItaly Affiliate program on ShareASale affiliate network. We recruit affiliates including Super, Content, Blogger etc. affiliates which provide much better results within in quick time. We do answer each affiliate questions, issue they are facing while promoting on various platform. We create & upload the product feed file as per ShareASale network format.
The results were immediate and the affiliate program campaign started delivering more and more sales thereby improving performance by every months. Since getting lots of affiliate sales order we do participate holiday season promotion.

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