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We looked for a good SEO company to help us increase our visibility on Google. In various search engines we did a search and found eBrandz. After looking at several other SEO companies, we found that a large portion actually subcontracted out to eBrandz. That was good enough for us to take our decision. eBrandz was reasonably priced and assured us they could improve our page rankings. The team was very professional and responded to inquiries with a very few delays. After a month, we began to see gradual improvements to ranking. Over a year, we have increased web traffic roughly by 250%. Our sales have increased by almost 200% since we began working towards a higher page ranking with eBrandz. Additionally our ROI is well over 400%.

We would recommend eBrandz to any other company struggling with their online page rankings.

- Gary Strahan ,

Infraredcamerasinc located in Beaumont, Texas near Houston, Infrared Cameras Inc. has been in business for over 11 years. They have supported companies nationwide by providing equipment and training to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Their knowledge and experience extends from the use of infrared imaging and temperature measurement instruments to provide solutions to inspectors and operators in petrochemical, electrical, mechanical, and various process industries.
Gary knew what he wanted. He already had the target in his mind; improve the rankings of competitive keywords like "Infrared Cameras" "Infrared Camera" to shoot up the traffic but needed some experts to help him achieve that. When ebrandz was contacted, he first talked to us about his goal. Hence, we did not go in detail for further keyword research. The site design and structure was already SEO friendly, with the only exception being that tags were not.
With our thorough analysis, we found that his site was hosted on a shared server with other related sites of him. We recommended hosting it on a dedicated server which he did immediately. This made a difference to a good extent. Then, our other ethical SEO techniques including meta tagging, on-page optimization, link building through articles, press releases, social bookmarking and such web 2.0 approach helped the ranking go up.
Currently the site ranks for many important significant-traffic-driving keywords including his target-keywords on top, across all the search engines. The organic traffic increased from 2500 to almost 6,000. Their revenue stream increased tremendously.
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