Service Water Treatment Testimonial September 8, 2006

We are an online bookshop for water treatment related books. There are 10 technical books, targeted for water treatment professionals and utility engineers responsible for running of cooling water equipments and boiler operations. We were searching for a good company which could help us get more traffic and exposure to our website. I found eBrandz on the CCAvenue website (whose payment gateway we use. They are a very big company and since they used eBrandz, we were interested in learning more about eBrandz).

Initially there were a few concerns, and hence I met the CEO Milind Mody personally in Mumbai. After his presentation I was convinced that they can deliver. It was two years back and till today I am totally satisfied with their services. My site ranks in top three on all the three major search engines on many key words. eBrandz is highly professional and delivers what it promises.

I regularly get feedback and reports regarding my ranking status on Google, YAHOO and MSN on various keywords provided by me. Hence it’s always a pleasure working with eBrandz team.

We were a brick and mortar company and were not sure whether the medium of internet worked for a company like us. But, within 2-3 months time, we started seeing results. Now due to eBrandz we are getting new business every month.

I would very strongly recommend eBrandz to others simply because of their services, work culture and my personal experience.




Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. Praveen Verma, CEO, Albatross Fine Chem Ltd.
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