Service VASG Testimonial January 8, 2008

Based at U.S., VSAG is an outstanding food service consulting and restaurant development firm serving restaurants, fresh food markets, hotel, hospitality firms and retail concepts all over USA. Our service ranges from comprehensive Concept Development to Restaurant Management Contracts, and Menu Development to Practical Opening Support.

Most of our business has come from word of mouth. A few years ago I started running a google ad and it generated several new leads for us. But I realized I was an amateur at ppc and that if i could find a firm as good at ppc as my firm was at providing restaurant expertise, then it would really change our market penetration with regards to getting our firm’s name out there and visible.

I googled and yahoo’d “seo”--assuming that any firm good enough to get their own company on page 1 must be excellent. I found ebrandz on first page.

Within 4 weeks there was progress in the free listings and ppc impact was immediate. We started around holiday time, so that naturally slows down our biz....the last week or so the leads have been great—if this is an indicator of the volume of leads we’ll be receiving constantly, then I can say I am thrilled.

Keyword research was fabulous. Things that I didn’t think would work are working, and things that I wanted to work, but couldn’t really analyze it to make it work, ebrandz helped us to figure that out. The testing, the data, the adjustments— I think its awesome!

The difference between me managing my firm’s ppc ad, and ebrandz is the difference between a child who dreams of stars and a real astronaut.

The reporting system is fu#$%#g great! I am impressed with easy to absorb data and results and the fantastic weekly communication, along with ebrandz willingingess to educate me on how/why you are doing certain things. Overall my experience in working with ebrandz was absolutely top-notch.

First I was concerned that I wouldn't get great results and that ebrandz would not “get” my industry in the US. But, no doubt, I have seen improvement in my business. First of all, I’m spending less on ppc now, and getting better results. And, I know that if I want to try and launch a new revenue channel/service, I can get the word out fast. As a consulting firm we always have a good flow of new clients, but since I’ve been with ebrandz, our flow of quality leads has definitely improved.




Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. Dan Simons, Principal, VSAG. VSAG
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