Service Todays Gentleman Testimonial May 14, 2008

Today's Gentleman offers a premier selection of menswear and accessories at highly competitive prices. Driving traffic to the website is an effective way to achieve online success. Nowadays every entrepreneur interested in gaining exposure and traffic, uses Google adwords. And we are no exception to the above rule.

I searched the internet and found eBrandz, which I think provide effective traffic. Indeed it was a good marketing decision! With attention to detail, weekly detailed reports, effective communication and low start up cost, eBrandz has been instrumental in setting up Google AdWords campaign for me. Judicious selection of keywords and a detailed report explaining which keywords are performing well and the non-performing and costly ones to be dropped from the list, gave us great results.

I have found their services to be exactly what I needed. The weekly and monthly reports were precise and gave us good overview of the campaign. There was no set up fee, no percentages and charged us only for the number of hours spent on our project. This is indeed the most sensible pricing model and far beyond my expectations. The PPC team at eBrandz is highly professional, polite, responsive and accommodating.

Within two months of our AdWords campaign improvements and results were visible. Now I am getting consistent sales flow and the chance to explore greater opportunities. I won't recommend eBrandz because it's a good secret and i want them all for myself! (just kidding)

Thank You Again.

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