the9000store Testimonial March 31, 2009

Based in Minneapolis, MN, The 9000 Store is the leading provider of products and services to bring people to ISO 9001 Certification. They have developed documentation, tools & training that support clients across the world. Our approach is highly efficient, easy to implement and will lead any organization to continuous improvement

Since we began in 2001, the B2B market has become much more competitive and our marketing campaigns much more expensive. We tried PPC in house but over the years we found it quite difficult to concentrate on both -- our core business and our PPC campaigns. We decided to centralize our efforts on our core business competency and leave PPC campaign to those with specific expertise.

We found eBrandz through generic search on the popular search engines, and after having contacted some of the successful people, who were all thoroughly satisfied with the services of eBrandz we decided to try them.

eBrandz effectively monitored and successfully implemented multiple campaigns and allowed us to focus on our core business competency. We have been absolutely impressed with their expertise, quick response, professional and personalized service and execution throughout the entire process.

Within a month my AdWords budget declined and my CTR improved. eBrandz had many good ideas like creating a separate content ad campaign instead of including it with other campaigns.

Finally, I just want to say that signing up with eBrandz is smart move for any online company looking to cut expenses and enhance their performance, Absolutely, without hesitation I would recommend eBrandz to anyone! In fact, I already have.

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