Service Refunds Tax Service Testimonial 28 April 2009

Refunds Now Tax Service is the leading privately owned income tax preparation service in the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area. When we are competing in our marketplace we are fighting with the biggest players in the work, H & R Block and Jackson Hewitt. However, we have come to realize that what might work for those guys is not necessarily the right one to market and marketing is what we live for.

When researching PPC companies we were looking for experienced, results oriented companies. We found eBrandz via a Elance. We had many proposals but chose eBrandz over everyone else for the value of their services.

Before eBrandz we were a little overwhelmed. We soon discovered that to run a successful PPC you cannot sit back and watch. The campaigns have to be monitored and updated daily. This is where eBrandz excels at. They keep a careful eye on all our campaigns, always working to increase our return on investment.

eBrandz is well organized and disciplined company. We are now running campaigns with several of the major search engines. Each account is professionally managed with a dedicated account person.

When we initially managed our own campaigns, we realized you can go through a lot of money with little to show for it. eBrandz has streamlined our key word campaigns and have found keywords that are bringing in real sales. Before we had keywords that were costing us money. Sure we were receiving plenty of clicks, but we discovered these clicks were not converting into sales. eBrandz has helped us eliminate junk traffic and find real, loyal customers.

eBrandz keeps us well informed every step of the way with a detailed weakly report for each campaign.

We get weekly and monthly reports from eBrandz.Now we know what's working. Conversions are the key to any campaign and not just click through-s.

eBrandz has really cut down our wasted clicks and found some bargain keywords that have increased our customer acquisition. They are excellent at focusing on terms that find buyers not browsers. We saw immediate results. And it keeps getting better. eBrandz has done a great job in researching keywords that generate business. In other words, they have concentrated on conversions, not clicks. This has really allowed us to stay on budget. What's more, like any good advertisement you have to have good copy. That's copy that sells. eBrandz makes sure that the overall language is correct and appropriate for our audience.

eBrandz has the experience to get the most performance and ROI out of a campaign. eBrandz specializes in managing all aspects of our PPC campaigns, from keyword selection to bid management, ad creation and ad testing. They take care of all the work for us, so you can focus on our business. This includes setting up, monitoring the words that are performing and those that are not, and making the logical adjustments to the campaign. eBrandz shows us the reporting and campaign statistics so we know how our money is being spent. By outsourcing our PPC Management we have optimized our click price, increased our conversion rates and generated new sales. We highly recommend eBrandz. In the sea of hype and quick rich marketing companies, we are very pleased.

Thank You Again.

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