Service Smart Life Store Testimonial February 12, 2008

My name is Richard Fan and I own and operate, an internet only e-commerce store originating in Southern California. We specialize in providing products for personal and family security and protection, through the use of smart technology. Our product lines include Tasers, stun guns, pepper spray and nanny cams as well as other professional security and law enforcement equipment. With that being said, it should also be known that I am a very small start-up business. I have a regular job, and, is a side business. This is important for you to know because my advertising budget is very tight!

I found eBrandz and decided to give them a try, mainly because their website was professional looking, and their prices were the lowest around. I expected them to find keywords, create adgroups, and tell me how much to spend on my adwords bidding. The bottom line for me, was to simply to keep my sales profits higher than my adwords spending.

I have been more than happy with the service I have received from eBrandz. I have a personal account manager which I am in contact with, nearly every day, and she answers all my questions and concerns promptly. They looked over the site and evaluated the “usability” and shopping cart experiences and made some very useful suggestions. They helped me understand aspects Google Analytics Data and Campaign management that I had not considered before. They even understand that I’m just a small time operation with big aspirations and I feel that they will help me grow for years to come.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the service I’ve received from eBrandz. The fact that they are overseas and in a different time zone has never been a problem, and we speak by phone or email as needed. Whether you’re a small or large company, I encourage you to give them a try if you want to get the most for your advertising budget.

Thank You Again.

Sincerely, Due to security reasons,
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