Service Seasons Testimonial September 3, 2006

Seasons is a fashion garment house in Santa Cruz, . Our website is a leading portal catering to women since 1998. In early 2002 realized that we had a great website with extremely good content related to women and fashion. However we did not have enough visitors to our websites.

We did some research and came to know about SEO. We did a search for an SEO company and that is how we came across eBrandz. We had few initials meetings with them and we were highly impressed by their domain knowledge about search engines. They even pointed out problems with our existing site due to which we were not getting crawled by search engines. We did a background check and were satisfied with their credentials.

They started working with us and over the years they have increased our website traffic and sales incredibly (We had 30,000 unique visitors per month and currently we have 250,000 unique visitors per month). This kind of business and sales was unimaginable for us.




Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. Kalpesh Patel, CEO, Seasons Infotech Pvt. Limited.
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