Service Rwireless Testimonial January 5, 2006

Hi Guys,

Allow me to express my gratification for the excellent PPC ad management team of eBrandz. Being responsible for the consulting area of Rwireless, the need for online ad campaign management and control of the projects where my team is involved is huge!! Over the years, we have tried many PPC solutions but I finally got acquainted with eBrandz which I believe is the best!

An important facet of their outstanding customer service is the excellent communication they provide when search engines change their requirements or have trouble with their servers. We have utilized their services for the last one year to help us manage our pay-per-click listings and cost. I have found the customer service to be absolutely superb. In my experience, inquiries by email have always been answered within hours of being sent and sometimes even within minutes. eBrandz has intelligent bidding rules, responsive technical support, upgrades that are actually useful, and a pricing structure that makes buying it a no-brainer.

I actually had an occasion where I faced a problem and wrote an email expecting an answer the next business day. Much to my surprise, I received an email within the next few hours because someone was in the office who answered my questions promptly! I was extremely amazed and impressed, because it was a holiday! As a company that provides live technical support, I have always believed the philosophy, ‘Human interaction is a must in technical support’. I was glad to see that eBrandz shares the same philosophy. The intuitive yet feature rich interface has a solid grasp on every need of mine, be it the busy CEO or whatever his position be .

Lastly I give this company " Two Thumbs Up ". Your company has helped me figure out which are the best resources to advertise with and I have had some Fantastic Results... Thank You! It is our pleasure to use the services offered by eBrandz.




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