Service Paugau Testimonial March 2, 2009

I was experiencing difficult times at one point in my business life. I had suffered setbacks that were hurting me seriously. Not being one that gives up easily, I searched for a company that could handle my advertising campaign. Through the Internet, I came across a number of prospective companies that might solve my problem. I took down names and methodically went to each website to see what they offered that could help me.

In the end my choice was eBrandz because of the sincerity of their answers to my queries. They were not promising me the moon but they were offering me reality. I thought that was the honesty that I was looking for.

A senior advisor with the firm suggested PPC as the best approach to advertising my product as it can be budgeted according to my financial potential. I appreciated this enormously.

We mutually agreed to do business and an adword campaign was launched which progressed from anemic the first few days to successful in less than three weeks.

Every week I was sent a detailed report of what was done and the result obtained. – what groups of words were producing the best. I could see how diligently they were keeping tabs on the progress of the ad campaign. They were truly giving me the best of their experience, all for my benefit.

This was sufficient to tell me that I had made the right choice. eBrandz, a company from IND was the superior company in performance as they are the top guns in cyberspace.

I had previously been dealing with a local firm who were busier filling their pockets than serving my cause. Being a very senior citizen, I had no idea how to get out of their clutch. The people at eBrandz listened to my problem and instantly started working on solving it. This was done in less than five days.

Now my complete operation is in the hands of eBrandz and I can sleep at night knowing that the best team has dedicated itself to bringing success to my business.

From my heart I thank you all at eBrandz.




Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. Pual Gauthier, Owner, Paugau Pual Gauthier
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