Service Mindtools Testimonial 12 July 2005

eBrandz Reference,

We have worked with eBrandz since Fall 2004. Our main focu in selecting eBrandz as a supplier was in taking up references from existing clients, in studying the work done for existing clients, and in making sure that work to be undertaken would be fully in compliance with search engine guidelines.

We have been very pleased with the work conducted on our behalf by eBrandz. They have been professional in their management of our account, expert in their advice, and efficient in reporting work undertaken. More than this, they have worked diligently and effectively in providing outsourced marketing services for the Mind Tools’ businesses.

I am very pleased to recommend eBrandz’ services.


Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. James Manktelow CEO MindTools Ltd Mind Tools Essential Skills for an Excellent Career!
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