Service LMK Gifts Testimonial 12-June 2010

When I signed up with eBrandz they provided me with a times-sline of events, milestones to reach, and my own personal Project Manager. My project manager, has always been professional, very helpful with providing regular project status reports and results, and always provides me with insight as to how to continue making my website more robust. Any questions I had with any aspect of the project, my project manager was pleasant and quick to respond. I have my own Web Designer based in Iowa and eBrandz has worked well with her to further increase my visibility on the Internet.

I started working with eBrandz the last week in December of 2009 and within a month I started seeing more traffic to my website, more customers calling about my products, but most importantly more sales. I have seen significant increase in my business compared to last year. With eBrandz Search Engine Optimization (SEO) my sales have nearly doubled compared to last year. The best part is that I use to spend over $1,000 on Google Adword, but with the recommendation of eBrandz. I’ve cut ad spending on Google in half but with eBrandz SEO I not only continue receiving sales from Google, but now appear on the first page for nearly all my top products.

The cost I paid for eBrandz practically paid for itself in four short months, I highly recommend eBrandz to anyone who wants to get great results for their money. I am very happy with this company and plan to use other services they offer in the future.

Thank You Again.

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