Kjell Website Design Testimonial September 5, 2006

I can’t remember when I heard about SEO for the first time. I think it was years ago when someone said they knew a company in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England which could get your site listed at the top of Alta Vista for your chosen keywords. This was back in 1999 before Google was big. I figured it was a cost effective way of getting visitors to your site and would get you a higher click through rate in comparison to Sponsored links.

So, I found www.seoconsultants.com and searched this directory. I emailed lots of companies but decided on eBrandz as there own site was well indexed on Google and I thought well if they can do it for them selves lets hope they can do it for me and they did.

eBrandz team was helpful, professional, but most of all they come up with the goods. It is always a risk working with a new supplier, but you have to have confidence in people if you are going to employ them. It is then up to them to prove you right and do a good job. eBrandz always keep to the schedule and I think it is impressive that they give you a schedule.

It took about 8 months before the positions improved on the first site they optimized for me. But this site was going for quite competitive keywords. The second site they did for me only took about 3 weeks before I saw quite positive effects from their efforts.

I started getting a lot more phone calls and relied on Sponsored links much less. I would definitely recommend eBrandz to other companies as they seem to be very good in what they do.

Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. Kjell Anderton CEO Kjell Webdesign 10 Williams Road, Chelmsford, Essex,
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