Italy Accom Testimonial August 8, 2006

Like any companies who had enjoyed good ranking with the search engines for some time, when we suddenly completely disappeared without all trace from the search engine, we had to act quickly and consider the unthinkable –paying for our position on Google and other important search engines. Our marketing department did a quick read through of all information available to them on the internet to learn about the process and confidently went ahead with the PPC campaign; this was outrageously costly and was only moderately successful. We then decided engaged eBrandz to manage our PPC campaign and not only did our PPC costs greatly reduce, but our results were much more targeted and effective. Although we now enjoy good marketing, we have learned that using PPC is an excellent addition to our campaign especially in the launch of new products and for special campaigns.

Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. Jill Kammer Italy Accom
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