Service India Properties Testimonial February 23, 2007

Properties assists individual customers or real estate agents to buy, sell or lease properties anywhere in the country. The entire property information has been built with a technology to quickly find desired real estate with best value for money.

I heard about eBrandz from a friend who had used eBrandz for doing some internet marketing of his company. I had no concern while signing up with eBrandz. I signed up online initially and kept in touch over the phone and also personal meetings. Right from the start the entire team was fort right and professional. They have managed our pay per click campaigns very well and continue to manage it professionally.

eBrandz and us met together in their office and designed certain campaigns and also SEO. They assigned me an account manager who keeps me informed and is responsible for my account. This way if things don’t work we have someone to hold accountable.

The other impressive feature of eBrandz is their reporting feature. They have good reporting system and very efficient and up to date. The entire eBrandz team right from Upper Management to Lower Management, the team has taken full responsibility of all our promotions and are doing an excellent job! We started to see traffic and enquiries within few weeks.

eBrandz has not only help increase my business but has got me thinking that there is so much more I can do with my business. The success of the campaigns has clearly given a new direction to the Company. The team not only has helped me in my PPC Campaign but also SEO. Infact they saved me my business. Based on their internal recommendations and advice I did some technology enhancements that saved me millions of dollars.

We would surely recommend eBrandz not only any time but all the time. Just keep up the hard and dedicated work!




Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. Naresh Malkani, CEO, India Pvt. Ltd. In USA
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