Service Guaranteach Testimonial February 21, 2009

I just wanted to write a short testimonial to thank eBrandz for their great efforts on the Guaranteach PPC campaign.

My co-founder and I had never used Google’s Adwords product before, and the combination of eBrandz’s competitive pricing and expertise made the process very easy for us. They communicated with us frequently and are always available to answer our questions. Their project managers are patient and highly knowledgeable which made them a pleasure to work with.

As a startup – we are constantly testing different business models and marketing experiments. Our brief experiment with eBrandz has been highly successful, and we now have a very good understanding of how PPC campaign’s work, and the effectiveness of the campaign in driving traffic to our web service.

Ultimately, we have decided to discontinue our PPC campaign at this time, because our service requires further iteration and experimentation to improve the final conversion from prospective customer to paying customer. This is in no way a poor reflection on eBrandz who performed an admirable job in guiding us through the complexities of adgroups, conversion costs and tracking codes.

At some point in the future, we will be happy to re-initiate our PPC campaign and will re-engage with eBrandz at that time. Regards,

Thank You Again.

Sincerely, Due to security reasons,
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Alasdair Trotter, Co-Founder & COO Guaranteach 1501 St. Paul Street Suite 115 Baltimore MD 21202 Phone: +1 800 604-7021
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