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Based at Florence, Italy, Firenze Lodging is a leading rental agency. Having a team of experts directly works with reliable property owners willing to rent their apartments on daily, weekly or long term basis and charge a nominal commission for the services rendered.

In order to ensure better online visibility and high quality services to our clients, we launched the enhanced version of our site in January 2008 but unfortunately things didn’t workout as expected. Finally we decided to hire the services of a reliable SEO firm to enable us to run a direct campaign and enhance our business.

I spent a lot of time deciding on which PPC firm to settle with and in the end decided on eBrandz as they were easy to follow and provided comprehensive fee structure. I came across eBrandz on TopSeos.com and after a quick analysis decided to give it a try.

eBrandz has been very efficient in managing the campaign making the process of understanding and following the configuration of the campaign very smooth.
Personally I liked the extra time eBrandz took finding a more accurate combination of keywords fitting our needs: coming up with more adgroups for some specific products we advertise and pushing one particular property with ringing ads was very effective and delivered more enquiries.

eBrandz did a very good job in finding all the right combination of keywords, being in a very highly competitive market some keywords really make the difference and helps you gaining visibility among paid ads, eBrandz was capable of finding the right keyword for our advertisement.

The staff was quite efficient and quickly responded to all my emails and queries. They simplified the whole process with efficient reporting system which enabled me to monitor the campaign with detailed sheets of weekly and monthly progresses and allowed me to focus on running my business. Even though the current economical situation isn’t too good and we are in a business that has been affected the most, still the campaign we started helped us getting much of the little request and opened my eyes to how powerful PPC can be to enhance our business.

I owe a large part of the success of my business to the team at eBrandz and highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional team of PPC adwords specialists.




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