Service Easy Lawyers Testimonial September 20, 2006

We are an English solicitors firm in the heart of the City of London. Due to client demand we created a website called “easylawyers” offering conveyance services (buying and selling real estate) to our clients. As we are not the specialist in this field, it was outsourced to another law firm.

We were happy with the contents of the website and the services it offered. The downside was how best to advert and increase the profile of the website. As we had a limited budget, we did not wish to waste money advertising to an audience that would not be interested. Also as it was a website based business we wanted to get people onto our website. We had read about SEO from a UK company that sent us an email. We did some extensive research about SEO and who were the market leaders. We were hoping that by using a good SEO company we would be generating hits on the website. We did a cost benefit analysis and concluded that a SEO would be more effective than blanket advertising.

Hence, we went to their websites and spoke to the UK SEO companies to ascertain what they do and how they differ from others. We came across eBrandz while searching for SEO companies in Google.

eBrandz created some initial free reports of our website and what they can do for us. These reports were focused and impressive. The SEO companies in the UK were charging more than double of eBrandz to do the same work. We asked other companies to do the same thing and were found wanting and lacked the enthusiasm of eBrandz.

There were concerns about doing business with an company. It was a risky but we read the profile of eBrandz and its impressive client list including big household name. As a person of origin I felt comfortable using an company for SEO. Indian and IT is a buzz word around the world. Hence, I had a feeling that if went to the right SEO company then it would be a good business decision.

The team at eBrandz is highly motivated and focused. The responses to questions were quick and they have completed the tasks as scheduled.

We were a website with no traffic (as it was newly created) to enquiries within 4 weeks and instructions by two months. Now we have at least 2 instructions per week (after 4 months into the project). On some pages of Google we are on top of page 1 giving us Number 1 ranking. This would not have been possible without eBrandz. We are getting thousands of unique visitors on our website on a daily basis. We are generating leads and converting them into business across the country. We even have instruction from clients in New Zealand and Australia selling their properties in the UK. We believe that SEO with eBrandz has been the most cost-effective way to spend our marketing budget. We are on the Gold Plan and not only obtained value for money from them but they also added value in suggesting appropriate changes to the website in order to get a higher search engine ranking. As a result we are getting the hits and over time we are on course for the revenue to pay SEO cost.

We intend to get eBrandz to maintain on a monthly basis our SEO after the initial six months contract is up.

We would recommend eBrandz to other companies. In fact, we have already recommended eBrandz to all our clients and to other law firms in the UK.

To sum up, eBrandz is a well run excellent company with highly motivated and responsive staff. It could fit into any western company at top of its game. Being in Mumbai gives it a cost advantage over western SEO companies but otherwise it is professional and business like any other top IT company in US or Europe. The fact it is run from makes no difference. They are contactable 24 hours a day.




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