Service Copadate Testimonial October 30, 2006

We're a uniform dating service offering online dating through our website. We're helping young men and women around the world find the love of their lives. Anyone in uniform is welcome to join for free, also anyone who loves to love a person in uniform. We heard about seo services through extensive research online. We first read about online advertising, which led us to pay per click. While reading about that we came across a web site that offered a natural form of advertising. We decided that this would be best for our site. There we decided that a search engine optimization company was going to be mandatory if we ever wanted to get out of the cellar of thousands of dating sites.

After reading about SEO and Pay Per Click services for weeks we began to look for a search engine optimization company. We spoke to several top companies in the United States. The first company we spoke with, they were a great company we really liked them. We then spoke with a company out of Los Angeles who I was bound and determined to go with, I learned a lot speaking with a sales woman with them. That’s how we learned of content writing and why we needed it. We found eBrandz first by their #1 ranking on Yahoo. By then we had viewed so many SEO company websites, they were all beginning to look the same. We were getting a little discouraged. I was up very late one of many nights when i was reading a technology web site. There was a article about an seo company, the site's opinion was that eBrandz was the best in the world, or one of them. So we began to do some research on eBrandz.

We decided to hire eBrandz because we liked the way they laid everything out. They told us and showed us exactly what they were going to do for us. And because they were offering a natural form of seo services. Their # 1 ranking is where we want to be, their honesty was a reflection of the type of site we want to have. And their price was in our budget. And we feel we have made the best choice, working with eBrandz and the project manager assigned to us, has been a breath of fresh air on a calm sea.

Yes we had our concerns. We wondered about the communication but with everything considered we figured it would be ok. We thought of some of the insurance companies and credit card companies moving some of their business there. Also number 1 rankings don't lie....So we really hired eBrandz worry free!

Working with the team from eBrandz has been a great experience. They've replied to all our emails in a timely fashion. All our questions have been answered and thoroughly explained. Everything was laid out in detail and everything has gone just how eBrandz had said it would. We started seeing improvements within the first week. We think are still in the early stages but we have some number one rankings, on both Yahoo and Google and we have a large increase in visitors.

We absolutely would recommend eBrandz. We are very happy with the job eBrandz and their project managers are doing. We couldn't be more grateful. We already have recommended them to another company. The employees of eBrandz have excellent work ethics.

Thank You Again.

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