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I found out about PPC through a company that was selling us leads. I found out that they were getting the leads from PPC and I decided to try it out. We were advertising fairly aggressively and many companies called us offering SEO and PPC services. Finally, we ended up going with one who convinced us to give them $8500 up front. It was a disaster and the project failed miserably.

I found eBrandz when I decided that we needed a proven company, one that was already in the position that we wanted to be in. During my research I came across They had the excellent ranking that we desired and when I scrolled to the bottom of their page it had a link to eBrandz. I clicked on it and began the process of hiring them.

eBrandz has used a very thorough approach to PPC management. eBrandz have used all the feed back we had given them about the lead quality, as well as doing their own research to bring our cost per sale down from well over $200 per sale to less than $100 per sale. Obviously, this has saved us a significant amount of money as well as the time we were spending on poor leads.

Keyword research is a constant battle and we are trying to increase the quantity of good leads that we receive with out significantly increasing our cost per sale. eBrandz has been persistently trying new titles and descriptions on terms that we think should convert well but are not converting. I see us being much better at this each month and perhaps doubling our budget in time. The key is to keep the cost per conversion at a level we can live with. I liked the way eBrandz has aggressively eliminated costly irrelevant terms and saved us money.

I get weekly and monthly reports that are very easy to read and follow. There is definitely a trust issue for me working with an Indian company. However, eBrandz did not want a big chunk of money up front, only one months deposit to get started. I figured I could risk one month if they were not legitimate. Our traffic dropped off at first because we were eliminating a lot of costly bad terms. But it started to increase once we were able to concentrate on increasing quality traffic. We have dropped our cost per sale significantly and I think we will increase the number of quality leads in the next several months.

eBrandz does quality work at a fraction of the cost of other U.S. providers and we would definitely recommend their services!




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