CallNet Corporation Testimonial October 24, 2011

Dear eBrandz,

We would like to thank eBrandz and its entire web designing team. The designing team at eBrandz has gone way beyond our expectations with creativity and attention to detail. They have been very patient and anytime we wanted to change something large or small the team jumped right on it.

eBrandz has made the web design process very easy and the results are very professional. We had tried another National web design company that promised us a dream site instead we were left building the site ourselves. We have had a lot of customers that log into our sites web portal daily comment on our new site.

Thank you.

I highly recommend eBrandz for any web design needs. Many thanks and much appreciation to eBrandz.

Thank you.




Best Regards, Robert J. Senior II President Owner, CallNet Corporation 1908 Eastwood Road Lumina Station II Wilmington, NC 28403 Office#: 1-800-395-2612
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