Service Beating Diabetes Testimonial August 4, 2006

Diabetics frequently struggle with controlling their diabetes, and after a significant struggle myself dealing with my diabetes, I had some success, so I decided to share what I have learned with other diabetics. Hence, I created, whose main purpose is to help diabetics get and keep their blood sugar levels under control. I realized, however, that if I didn't have good positions in the search engines, I wouldn't get much traffic unless I spent far too much money on advertising. While I wasn't sure what kind of business model would work, my sense was that if I could drive traffic to my site, the business model would come clear. So my strategy from the beginning was to spend about a year getting myself in good positions on the major search engines to drive traffic to my site.

Finding an SEO company, in theory, is extremely easy. If you want someone who is good at SEO, type in Search Engine Optimization on the major search engines, and see who is on the first page. If they're good enough to get themselves on page 1 for their own business, I figured they would be fine for my modest venture.

eBrandz was on page 1 in both Google and Yahoo. If I remember correctly, they were one of only two companies who were.

I solicited quotes from both companies who were on page 1 of both sites, along with two or three other companies, and went to their web sites. After evaluating the companies, I decided on eBrandz. I liked the personal response I received from eBrandz as well as their price. The people I communicated with at eBrandz made me feel comfortable that I would be in good hands.

I was a pioneer in international software outsourcing, and had been to India in 1987 and 1991 associated with software outsourcing. Back then, it was before the Internet took off, and communications was difficult. email, for example, was almost non-existent. Today, with email almost universal, you can communicate to India as well as to anywhere in the U.S. So I was comfortable working with an Indian company. The price was also important. I couldn't afford the price for sophisticated SEO that many U.S.- based companies were asking, since I was a tiny start-up.

The team has been fantastic. Every month like clockwork they deliver their reports, which show in detail the work done that month, along with my key website stats, which have grown consistently. They also respond to every question that I have. I'm very satisfied with the work eBrandz has done.

It took about four months for the site to be optimized and traffic start to really ramp up. When eBrandz started tracking visits in August 2005, I was getting 500 unique visits per month, which included the results of advertising on Google Adwords. Today, 9 months later, I'm getting about 4,000 unique visits per month with no advertising, and I expect the traffic to continue growing.

I'm now operating at a small profit, but I haven't really focused yet on the business/profit side of what I'm doing. My goal is to help diabetics, although I'd certainly like to earn enough so I could focus on full time. My strategy was to spend the first year building a base of traffic, and trying to understand what the people coming to my site wanted and needed. Based on what I've found out, I’ve introduced a new business model that I believe is very valuable to diabetics. The important point is that without eBrandz, it would not have been possible. Basically, I'm now in a position where I can take my work with diabetics to another level, and will hopefully realize my goal of turning this into a full-time endeavor.

I would absolutely recommend eBrandz to other companies. Without hesitation. In fact, I already have. eBrandz has made it possible for me to help fellow diabetics cope with their diabetes in a meaningful manner. I want to contribute in a positive manner, but without the traffic now coming to my site, it would not be possible. I'm also voting with my pocketbook on this as well. eBrandz recently added web site design and development services, and I used them to develop a world-class looking site. Please visit, and if you need to take off a little weight or want to improve your nutrition, please join us.

Thank You Again.

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