Service Africa Point Testimonial June 25, 2009

Africapoint is an online travel agency for Africa, conducting business mainly through our website The website has been active since 1998. To maintain and improve our online competitiveness, we always conduct online research on the several internet marketing practices we can adopt.

It is in the course of this research that we learned of PPC and decided to give it a try to help us widen our market reach. We understood that through PPC, we could reach more people searching for information using keywords relevant to our industry, but for which we are not ranking so well in the natural search engine results.

Initially we were managing our own adwords PPC campaign. However, we felt we needed a professional company to help us with search engine optimization (SEO), link-building, optimization of the PPC campaigns which we had already started in Google, and viral marketing campaigns.

We searched online for professional SEO companies, mostly through search engines (Google and Yahoo). eBrandz was one of the several companies we found through search engines. We contacted and evaluated a number of these SEO companies, exchanging several emails in the process. After the evaluation, we opted for eBrandz because we thought they offered just what we needed.

When eBrandz came on board they optimized our already existing google PPC campaigns and improved on them. They precisely covered our target keywords quite extensively.

In fact, we particularly appreciate the weekly reports and the monthly reports, including a cumulative report that enables us to see the ads' performance over a long period of time. Also noteworthy is the fact that their response to any concerns we raise is usually very fast. When we recently made major changes to our website, they were keen enough to pause any campaigns whose destination URLs had changed.

Certainly, our service has considerably improved and we are getting many inquiries per month from the AdWords campaign. From this, a number of them actually buy our services. We hope to see these inquiries increase even more in the near future. Undoubtedly, through the PPC campaigns, eBrandz have helped us reach potential clients who we would probably not have reached by other means.




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