Service Acorn Sales Testimonial March 23, 2009

Based at Virginia, Acorn Sales is a leading manufacturer of marking products such as, custom rubber stamps, embossers, notary supplies, professional seals and stamps.

We started PPC campaigning of this site nearly 4-5 years ago to drive traffic and get more leads through our website.

Hence we could not devote extensive time managing the campaign on our own , we began searching for an efficient SEO company and in the process found we explored through -- a resourceful site that analyzes website based on their performance and luckily came across eBrandz.

We work in a highly competitive niche market and our line of products can be very confusing with several of our merchandise posses multiple ‘common’ names but eBrandz quickly grasped our business aspirations and effectively organized our campaigns accordingly. Deciding to use eBrandz was the best decision. They have taken a huge headache off my head and enabled us to concentrate on what we do best, selling our products. It wasn't long before the results started to show. Now I am getting lots of inquiries – and more significantly, business within a week after we started implementing the ad program!

I was really impressed with the quick responses via IM and email. The PPC team at eBrandz brought a lot of skill and knowledge to the project and instantly grasped the complexities of my competitive business to produce desired results.

I would recommend eBrandz to anyone who is looking for a highly professional marketing consultant for PPC services.

Thank You Again.

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Adam Raidabaugh, President ACORN Sales Company, Inc. ACORN Sales Company, Inc. 1506 Tomlynn Street P.O. Box 6971 Richmond, VA 23230. Toll Free Phone: (866) 379-5775 e-mail: Website:
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