Service ABC Favors Testimonial September 28, 2006

Our company runs two websites, and Both of these websites offer personalized party favors, games, game prizes and party tableware. I’ve known about SEO from reading many documents online about how to increase traffic and sales. We thought that SEO would help us since we only offer our products online and most people would be searching for our products through the search engines.

I actually searched for an SEO company in the simplest way…and the only way that made sense for this type of work. I did a search on Google. I figured that only the best of the best would be up toward the top of the searches since that is their specialty. That is how I found eBrandz.

There are a few reasons why I chose eBrandz over other SEO companies.

I was just concerned with how we would pay since it was out of the country at that time. Also, I wasn’t sure how clear the communication would be and if there would be a language barrier. It turns out that making payments is easy and the communication is outstanding. I get answers back from my emails faster with eBrandz than any company I have dealt with.

I felt very “taken care of”. The team is outstanding and would answer my questions completely and would encourage any questions we had. eBrandz has a wonderful team!xxxx

We began seeing increases in our traffic and sales within the first two months. We hadn’t been anywhere in the first 30 pages of Google under our top term “baby shower favors”. After three months, we were on page six. Now, we are on page one! We are number one on MSN and rate high in Yahoo as well.

The work that eBrandz has done for us has increased our business tremendously. It has also helped us to decrease advertising costs. The cost of working with eBrandz is definitely worth it when you take into account all of the advertising dollars that we have saved. We’ve seen such wonderful results with, that we have just recently signed our bridal showers website,, with eBrandz.

I would definitely recommend eBrandz to companies looking to increase the traffic. I wouldn’t work with anyone else. eBrandz has given us results beyond what we hoped for. They are a very knowledgeable, timely, and trustworthy company to work with. They really care about our business and want it to see us succeed.

Thank You Again.

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