Real Estate Client Referrals Testimonial January 3, 2009

RECR is an international referral network for real estate professionals that offers quality screened clients to the member agents. Our proven techniques help real estate agents harness the power of the internet to gather high quality leads.

We decided that we needed help from a company which specializes in managing PPC campaigns and chose eBrandz as they have already delivered amazing results while working for our sister concern. And I am absolutely pleased to say, it has turned out to be a very sound choice.

The PPC team at eBrandz well understand the business objectives of their clients and know how to derive results quickly. They did a splendid job and devise a series of highly effective online campaigns within a strict time frame and budget. All correspondence was dealt in a highly professional manner and constantly updated us about all the changes that have been done in the account. In-fact they brought several changes to our account which we were not at all aware of and might be hurting our conversion rates. They worked on one campaign at a time which I personally feel is an ideal way to proceed while taking over a preexisting account.

Most importantly.... they lowered our CPA and helped us receive quality referrals - a win win situation! As a result we are confident that the PPC campaign managed by eBrandz will yield tangible business results and ROI, both in terms of increased referrals and conversions. Yes, I would definitely recommend eBrandz.

Best Regards, Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed. Ruchi Ankleshwaria Project Manager Real Estate Client Referrals LLC
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