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  • Stuart Sherman, Owner,
    Website: GoToBaby 315 East 57th Street. NY, 10022 Due to security reasons, signature has not being displayed

    Gotobaby was opened in 2002. With limited money and only a basic knowledge of search engines I began doing exhaustive readings in the online forums related to the subject in order to attempt to maximize my expenditure without relying on others’ opinions. After learning some of the terminology, SEO was becoming a trendy term at the time, I began posting questions and comments in the bigger forums and that is how I came across Milind and eBrandz.

    I did not search for an SEO company, just an individual or group who didn’t over guarantee, seemed knowledgeable, and was very price competitive.

    I found Milind through a very popular webmaster forum ( and we began an email dialogue eventually leading me to sign up for eBrandz services. I have worked with them ever since.

    Many other companies created deceptive strategies, like doorway pages and fake content. I did not believe that was safe or the long term answer, but when one is less knowledgeable and desperate for a “quick” solution it’s easy to get sucked into their promises. eBrandz was different. They preached more of a long term strategy.

    There is always a concern giving FTP access to anyone, especially a company that is overseas. With the internet being such an amazing technology you just need to listen to referrals, be careful, and monitor things as best you can.

    eBrandz has always been very considerate of their clients. They have grown to become very attentive and time efficient. When I started it was a different time in both our businesses. I wanted to let Milind and company take their time to do things as best they could. They were always conscious of and respectful of me as their client and now that the staff has expanded they are a very effective, structured company.

    It took a few months to see search ranks begin to rise and traffic begin to increase. I was told it would not be immediate and was pleased with eBrandz building a solid foundation. It has grown steadily since and now the goal is maintaining and expanding.

    Targeted traffic is essential for online sales. With the rising of my key search terms throughout the major engines there was a direct parallel to my business expanding. It has been an integral part of my online sales and I give lots of credit to Milind and his team for the great work they have done.

    I have recommended eBrandz to many companies. I am always very happy to see their growth and expansion and will continue to praise them for their honest and effective approach to what can be a very seedy SEO world.

    Thank You Again.

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