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  • Chettan Karsan, Owner,
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    GadgetsQuick was born from an idea to sell fast moving consumer electronic goods and toys aimed at people who enjoy new and innovative products in the most efficient manner possible. This involved strict back office stock control and a same day dispatch. It is very much product and customer focused so that an excellent service can be achieved with the right level of communication and fast turnaround.

    I had heard that Search engine optimization could help our website and so I visited many forums and asked many questions, I did some background reading myself as well as very basic optimization, and identified that it just was a kind of “black art” which needed real experts to do well…. and then it hit me if someone was good at SEO they should have a presence on Google as this was one of my primary aims. So that is the way I came across eBrandz, they were relatively high up on Google and seemed consistently up there with variants of their chosen keywords!

    In the UK there were many so called SEO companies which cold called me previously, I tried a couple of them out and it was a real disaster as they essentially were scammers creating doorway pages and using other tricks that search engines do not like, luckily it did not set me back too much and decided I that professional service was required who had done work for reputable companies and had good success with them. Looking at the eBrandz portfolio and client case studies it was very impressive. I would say it is one of the best decisions I have made so far to go with eBrandz.

    Initially I was a bit concerned how much time and effort eBrandz would be able to allocate to my website to make it Search Engine friendly. But being assured – I was not let down. Hence I knew that the job will get done in a timely and efficient manner.

    Working with eBrandz team has been a great pleasure. The work, quality and effort is high class, I get periodic SEO reports emailed with details of progress and it has really been great. It has allowed me to concentrate on other development project for my site such as new image and really complex cart functions. The team have been responded to questions in a timely and polite manner addressing my concerns and giving good advice which has worked well.

    I noticed after 3 months an increase in traffic from natural search listings from a major search engine, as I was near the top for many of the products I supply. Traffic is still increasing and have started seeing a large improvement in rankings across the search engines. This will surely be very important to me in the coming months. With traffic comes the enquiries and also the sales. So sales have definitely increased. Our aim is to offset some of the PPC advertising with natural listings placement (as is the case with all internet companies!)

    eBrandz has helped us increase business both directly and indirectly. Directly, traffic in general increased and therefore people are able to recognize us as a brand now. Indirectly the sub contracting of the SEO operation has allowed me to concentrate on the business and also development for new website features to provide that edge over competition. It also allows us time to look after our customers which are most important for us. This is a tough industry and we are good to adapt to the changes and trusting eBrandz has allowed us the opportunity to improve as the market changes in this fast growing sector of internet shopping. We are also able to compete and in some cases exceed the service and visibility of much larger companies on the search engines which remains the key traffic generator for us.

    We would definitely vouch for eBrandz as it has been a very good experience for us and we are happy to spread the word as necessary.

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