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Franchise Record Pool
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We found eBrandz online and decided to go with them after looking at what they offered. Communication is the main concern with offshore companies, but it did not worry us with eBrandz. They followed a schedule and answered our questions in a timely manner. Our traffic increased dramatically after three months, and our ROI shot up by 35 percent. We would always recommend eBrandz to others - except our competitors.

- Peter Lewis , Franchise Record Pool

Franchiserecordpool is an on-line record pool that provides prerelease music to DJs and provides feedback to record labels.
Franchiserecordpool had some respectable rankings when they contacted eBrandz but were not ranking in the Top 10 on Google for some important and high-traffic generating keywords. The traffic was moderate and their primary goal was to improve that traffic. The highly competitive and high traffic-generating keywords like DJ Records and DJ pool needed a push-up.
Since meta tags of pages did not have the target keywords, the site found it a little difficult to rank for those keywords. Important keywords were strategically used in tags by our SEO expert, and then our link team started improving link popularity of the site for the important keywords
Keywords started moving up gradually, and they were on top within three months. The client was very pleased with the way we worked as well as with the improvement that was visible in just three months.

The traffic increased from 4,500 in September to 10,000 in December.

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