Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

eBrandz is proud to present a select few case studies. In each of these case studies, we were able to make a real difference to our client's marketing effort.

Affiliate Marketing Case Studies
  • We had a wonderful experience working with eBrandz and the success of the Affiliate Program has clearly given a new direction to my business.

    Mr Nay Phu Tran, (CEO, Managing Director), Direct Flights International Pty Ltd
  • eBrandz has helped me to compete with bigger businesses and allow me to grow. Together we have built a foundation for to grow.

    Brett Anderson, Owner, The Space Store
  • eBrandz is a very professional company and always communicated well with us. They also provided us with accurate and timely reports, which helped us to measure the progress of Affiliate Marketing. They are easy to work with and we had a wonderful experience working with them.

    John Welsh, Owner, AstonishingcardsLLC
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