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Affiliate Program Management Packages

SILVER $229/ month GOLD $349/ month PLATINUM $649/ month TITANIUM $999/ month
Package Recommended For Moderate Competitive Competitive + Aggressive
Number of networks 01 02 04 06
Managing Merchant Account ? Manage account including affiliate approval, ftp approval, text link & banner creations etc. 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
New Program Consultation
Program Bio (HTML Format) ?Creating HTML co-branded page
Program Agreement for Affiliates ?Agreement will based on merchant promotion policy for affiliates
Welcome Message for Affiliates
Approve Message for Affiliatess
Declined Message for Affiliates
Integrating Tracking Code/Pixel
Contents & Designing
Text Links Creation 04 06 08 10
Banner Creation ? Will create new banner on monthly basis 01 02 03 06
Flash Banner ads 01 02
Mobile Banner ads ? Banner will be created based on mobile, iPad etc... platform 01 02 04
Writing e-mail content for recruiting publishers
Writing content for affiliate page ? Banner will be created based on mobile, iPad etc... platform
Writing e-mail content for newsletters
Designing newsletter (HTML) ? Newsletter will create with new template with design
Creation & Designing Merchant sign up page
Publisher Recruitment & Communication
Number of Publishers (Per week) 30 120 150 180
Recruiting Publishers ?It includes creating and updating data feeds. (Only for e-commerce sites) If you have your own promotional videos then you can send it to us and we will upload it on ShareASale
Recruiting Super Publisher?Top performing publisher of various affiliate program
Recruiting SEM & PPC Publishers ?This tool is exclusively on ShareASale and helps publishers to promote more than one product at a time.
Reviewing publisher?s application ? Client has two or more mirror image website. all website should have same shopping cart & thank you page then we can add another website in same merchant account.
Strategies for reactivating publishers? Will communicate with non-performing & inactive publisher to start promotion
Answering and replying to publishers
Datafeeds, Widgets & Videos
Creating Data feed files ? Create product feed based on affiliate network format only for e-commerce site.
Uploading Data feeds
Third Party Affiliate tools ? Upload the merchant product feed in sellfire & popshops tools.
Creating & uploading widgets ? Based on product feed it will be created. So affiliate can promote at one time various merchant products. This service is only applicable for Shareasale merchant.
Uploading videos
Other services
Add on services on networks (Only on ShareASale)
Additional Store/ Campaign Management ? If Merchant has two or more additional site with same shopping cart then will add new store under one account. Only for Shareasale merchant.
Pay Per Call campaign ? Will tracked the Merchant lead coming from client direct call no.
Setting up additional Campaign ? Contacting non active publishers and encouraging them to promote your products
Coupon code consultation
Uploading coupon deals
Google analytics
Sending Newsletter ? Based on holiday offer, promotion, products offer so affiliate can know about merchant service/products better
Monitoring clicks & sales ? Each sale will be cross checked with client sale data & then repeated/fraud sale will declined from merchant account.
Program analysis & optimization
Updating & maintenance
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Affiliate Sale Report
Weekly report
Monthly report
Customer Support
Banner Ads: Up to 2 modifications only. ( gif or jpg format)
Affiliate Landing page : The Cost for creating a landing page will be - $150 (if requried)
Tracking Pixel: We can't do in programming for special cases.
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