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Below deliverables are spread across 6 months.
STARTER $329/mo 12 Keywords
VALUE $539/mo 20 Keywords
SILVER $899/mo 35 Keywords
GOLD $1349/mo 50 Keywords
PLATINUM $1999/mo 80 Keywords
TITANIUM $3999/mo 150 Keywords
Package Recommended For Niche ? This package is recommended for local businesses with keywords targeting any major city OR niche national keywords Moderate ? This package is recommended for Moderately Competitive keywords. Competitive ? This package is recommended for Competitive keywords. Ideally suited for ecommerce websites or industries like- Lawyers, Plastic Surgeons etc Competitive + ? This program is recommended for expanded keywords and more activity for competitive keywords. Ideally suited for Financial Services, Real Estate companies etc Aggressive ? This package is recommended for extremely competitive Categories & keywords This package is suited for extremely cut throat industries like Gaming sites, Pharmaceutical products, Payday loans, Merchant Accounts, Debt Settlement Aggressive ++ ? This is an expanded Platinum package which includes more keywords and activities. We stake our reputation that this is the best SEO plan in this industry. No other SEO plan by any other SEO company comes even close to this!
Agency Platform Reporting & Customer Dashboard
Conversion Tracking
Call Tracking new ? Call tracking is a great way for you to track success of the campaign. It will include tracking of one Local Number. We will set it up for you. You can view and track all the stats via AgencyPlatform Dashboard. Extra cost will be applicable for additional numbers. $15 /month $15 /month $15 /month $15 /month
Retargeting new ? Retargeting helps you to reach out to people that have previously been to specific pages on your website. This will help client get better ROI as returning visitors are more likely to sign-up. Client can spend anywhere from $50 to $300 per month on this campaign. We will setup and manage campaign for free, but they will have to pay the ad fees directly to Google. The average cost per click would be anywhere from $ 0.50 to $1 and a retargeting campaign helps dramatically increase ROI. $25 - $50/mo $25 - $50/mo $25 - $50/mo $25 - $50/mo
Web Form Conversion Tracking new ? We will set up a form on your website which will track incoming leads to your business. The best part is you can track all the stats via the AgencyPlatform Dashboard at no extra price.
Google Analytics ? Includes Profile Setup, Goal & Funnel Setup, IP Filtering
Website Usability & Conversion Optimization Report new ? Our team manually reviews your website and creates a report highlighting the concerns and fixes for the same to improve usability as well as conversion rate thereby increasing the number of leads you receive. $499 $499 $499 $499
On-Page Optimization Up to 15 Pages Up to 30 Pages Up to 50 Pages Up to 80 Pages Up to 120 Pages Up to 150 Pages
Onsite Recommendations & Implementation ?
  • Initial SEO analysis
  • Initial competitive analysis
  • Optimization of Titles & Meta Tags Optimization
  • Image, Hyperlink & Header Tag Optimization
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • HTML Source Code Optimization
  • XML sitemap Creation for Google/Bing
  • Canonicalization / 301 Redirect URLs
  • Google +1 Button
  • Linking to social profiles
  • Google & Bing Webmaster Tool Configuration
  • Google Analytics Setup
Adding Rich Snippets
G+ Authorship & Publisher ? Google Authorship gives you the opportunity to officially claim your content with Google. Doing this comes with great benefits like increase in organic click through rates, shielding your content as well as increase in authority and trust of your content.
Blog Setup new ? Adding a blog to your website is a fantastic way to gain organic traffic to your site. Updating the blog with fresh content increases the crawl rate thus increasing the pages indexed in Google. Other benefits include - you have control over your content, enhances internal linking and can be an ideal hub for your social presence.
Inbound Content Marketing new
Website Content Writing (250 Words Per Page) ? We write search engine friendly content for the website based on the keywords we have finalized. 3 7 12 18 30 51
Blog Writing ? We will do the research and create a blog post to be added on the internal blog of the website. 3 6 12 18 24 36
Guest Blog Post Writing & Posting 6 8 12 18 30 50
Guest Blog Post Social Sharing new newnew new
Informational Content Writing & Posting 15 24 36 50 65 90
Informational Content Social Sharing new newnew new
Press Release Writing & Distribution ? People love Infographics; and since they are instantly shareable and engaging, search engines love them too. We create high quality infographics for you which will be shared across various channels and draw qualified traffic to your site. 1 2 3 6 9 12
Infographic Creation & Distribution new ? People love Infographics; and since they are instantly shareable and engaging, search engines love them too. We create high quality infographics for you which will be shared across various channels and draw qualified traffic to your site. $149 1 3 6 9 12
Premium Guest Posts new ? We will be submitting general blog posts relevant to your industry to high quality premium guest blogging networks. 6 9 18
Premium PR Distributionnew ? By submitting to premium sources, your PR will be distributed across top news networks thereby increasing your brand awareness. A link or a citation from such sources will definitely help to boost rankings. 1 1 3
Premium Authoritative Directory Submissions new ? We will be submitting your site to premium authoritative directories like Yahoo, Business, etc. A link from such sources will definitely help to improve your rankings.
Local Search Website Optimization
NAP Syndication new ? For a local business, location specific links are of utmost importance. We will be getting links from sources which also allow your Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) to be added to the listing thus increasing credibility of that link.
Google+ Local / Bing Local Listing Center Optimization new ? We update pages for local search by adding your local contact address and telephone number in an "address" tag. This helps to optimize a site well in local searches and we create an hCard markup that is supported by local search engines and add it to your contact page.
Local Citation Building
Review Submission ? We will submit your customer reviews on various local submission sites like Google+ Local, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, etc. thus helping to rank higher in Local Searches and SERPs.
Coupon Distributionnew ? To diversify our link profile, we will even submit any coupons you might have to top coupon sharing sites. This helps to increase your presence apart from getting a link or a citation.
Link Strategy
Website Social Sharing ? Since social signals are given much prominence of late, social sharing becomes even more important. Sharing content across social networks like facebook, twitter and Google+ helps to increase inbound links and citations due along with improved online visibility/brand awareness.
Social Profiles ? We will create your business profile across various social channels to generate backlinks and even citations from social profiles. 60 60 60 60 60 60
Web 2.0 Video Marketing
Video / PPT Creation + Distribution new ? We will create video about client business using stock video footage. Stock footage is an easy and affordable way to include ?motion? in your videos. We buy stock footage based on your video requirement from a company which sells royalty free stock footage. We will submit the video to video submission sites like Youtube, MySpace, Metacafe etc. We will also convert the video into PPT and submit to PPT submission sites like 1 1 3 5 8 11
Voiceover Video Creation + Distribution new ? We will create video about client business with voiceover. The script will include an introduction to client business and a call to action or an offer. We will use a Male voice {based out of United States} for voiceover. We will submit the video to video submission sites like Youtube, MySpace, Metacafe etc. $100 extra per video 1 1 1 1
Example Videos
Social Media Marketing
Google+ Brand/Business Page Creation
Google +1 Votes ? Creation of Google+ Brand Page, adding Users to Google+ Circles.
Social Reputation Monitoring
Access To Premium Apps
Twitter & FB Account Setup
Youtube Channel Setup/ Optimization new ? We setup and optimize a YouTube channel for your business. The main benefit of a YouTube channel is users view the video, comment or potentially share it with their other social media networks thus increasing social signals.
Facebook Cover Image
Twitter Background Image
Twitter Header Image Background
Content For Facebook Info & Twitter Bio
Content Posting on Twitter & Facebook 6 12 18 24 48 54
Facebook Welcome Page
Facebook Ads Management* ? Facebook Ads are the most effective way to grow your fan base quickly. It helps to grow your audience, along with better engagement. You can select the budget you want to spend on Facebook Ads. The management fee would be $140 / month. $140 /month $140 /month $140 /month $140 /month $140 /month $140 /month
Weekly SEO Status Reports
Monthly SEO Performance Reports ? Includes Traffic Statistics, Current Performance, Activity Report
Customer Support (email, chat & phone)
We have attractive renewal options available at the end of the campaign. Please get in touch with the sales rep / concerned project manager for further details
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