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Value $179/ month Gold $369/ month Platinum $699/ month
Number of campaigns Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Email Templates ?We create Custom HTML Email Newsletter Template as per your needs. You can design it as per your favorite colors and text. 1 2 3
Landing Pages ? ($125 extra per landing page) ($125 extra per landing page) 1 2
Auto responders? Automated email message sent to your list. You can send auto responder emails when users join, unsubscribe, or if the email arrives in a particular mailbox. Auto responders can be sent when you are not at your desktop and it can be a series of date or event-triggered emails.
Personalized Email? you can send personalized email campaigns by inserting first name, website name or any other details in the email body or subject lines.
Scheduled Send ? You can create and send email campaigns when your clients want to receive that email. Scheduled email goes automatically as per scheduled date and time.
A B testing ? A B testing helps to improve conversion. We can do A B testing in subject line, email copy, landing page and it helps to select the best among the two.
Easily Manage Lists, Contacts and Segments
List Import
List Saved with Saved Searches ? Build a list segment that update on their own. Here s an example. You create a field to track your recipients industry. You want to send out a weekly email to everyone in the retail industry. You create a saved search that builds a list segment with all contacts with an industry reference of retail. The next time you upload new contacts, or a visitor signs up from your website, and enters retail in the industry field, theyll automatically be added into that saved search.
Open Rates ? Open rate is a measure of how many people in an email list open (or view) a particular email campaign.
Tracking Clicks ? We provide a detailed report of clicks for download, landing page, etc.
Compare Campaign Stats ? This feature allows you to compare all campaigns it helps us in planning the next email campaign.
On-line Surveys and Forms
Create Survey
No Duplicate Responses
Supporting Our Clients

All plans include FREE dashboard, website form lead tracking, review widget to get more positive reviews, automated weekly & monthly reporting and customer support via email, chat & phone.

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