Conversion Analysis Report - ($699) $499
This report would be created after our conversion experts perform an in-depth analysis of your website and would highlight the areas that cause friction in the conversion process. In essence, the following points would be considered -
Persona analysis We will analyze your website and identify the elements which are missing for a particular persona. This will assist us in identifying the type of visitors that abandon your website.
Competitive Analysis We will do competitive research after we have a clear understanding of your online business goals. This would give us good information about the strategy that your competitors are using.
Information Architecture Every website needs to have well-organized information architecture. This information includes persuasive copy, product images, comparative charts, customer reviews, testimonial and some other recommendations which would assist in increasing visitor engagement on your website.
Landing page design We will provide you with conversion-friendly design which will not only focus on the primary and secondary objectives of your website but also enhance the overall look and feel of your website.
Credibility & Trust Building credibility & trust factor is imperative for influencing a visitor's perception about your company. We will help you recognize credibility factor & make "trust" symbol visible during the process of sales/lead generation.
Usability Tips Our usability experts would perform various user tasks to try and track the most "typical" steps followed by visitors on your website. These tasks would enable us to identify which areas of your site are unclear, difficult to find/use, or inappropriate for your visitors' needs. Our team would then provide you with some useful tips on usability and accessibility which would assist in making your website more user-friendly.
Sales funnel optimization We will optimize each stage of your sales-funnel by - First, identifying the areas of concerns. Second, find solutions which would help in improving the buying cycle. This will ultimately assist in decreasing the bounce rate of the website & boost conversions.
The overall analysis will be done by our conversion specialists and their recommended suggestions would be given to you in the form of design mock-ups.
Note - No HTML will be provided for the proposed designs. If you want us to create a HTML version, additional charges will be applicable.
Conversion Analysis Report - ($699) $499
  • Feedback Summary PDF
  • Expert Analysis
  • Recommended Design layout
  • 15-Day Turnaround
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