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    As our Affiliate Manager, eBrandz has proven to be very competent and reliable. Their marketing efforts have raised awareness of our products among our affiliates, which has resulted in increased sales of our products. They respond to our questions timely and accurately and have guided us to choosing the right networks for our products. I highly recommend eBrandz.
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    For several years eBrandz has been managing our affiliate program and doing a splendid job. They have helped us generate more affiliate sales than we everexpected while managing the entire process and saving us precious time that we can spend on other critical activities. They know the business, how it works, and are a tremendous value to our small business. I highly recommend eBrandz for managing your affiliate programs.

    Jeffrey J. Myers President. The Chess Store, Inc.
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    When I first sign up for the affiliate program with them I wasn't expecting much return, but then after a few weeks I started noticing that my affiliates list grew and so my sales.

    Martin Buitrago
  • We used to manage our affiliate marketing program on our own with minimal results using CJ. Once we found eBrandz we saw a drastic turn around in our affilitiates program. They introduced us to ShareaSale, and we went from under 100 affiliates to 1000's of affiliates with eBrandz contacting 50 new affiliates every week.

    Allison Brewer,
  • I would be honest, I was very skeptical about affiliate marketing but to my utter surprise it has proven to be the most effective marketing tool we have ever implemented. I wish I would have implemented this program few years ago.
  • "Managing and marketing our products through affiliates has been a very challenging experience. We decided to us eBrandz's Affiliate team to assist us with this process, and the revenue we are generating through our Affiliate program is more than were able to achieve.
    Their customer support and attention detail is superior to any other affiliate marketing company we have used. Their "No Hidden" policy helps us to keep a track of our rising sales graph ans build comfort that we are earning quality leads and sales. I would highly recommend eBrandz to anyone who is looking to increase online sales."
  • " The first thing that impressed us about eBrandz's Affiliate team was the swift and helpful response we received to questions and requests for information. we didn't encounter any high pressure salesmanship, just direct informative assistance to what we needed.
    Along with increasing our presence in Internet Marketing, eBrandz's Affiliate team has also helped us to increase our online sales and took it to the next level. It gave us confidence in our branding and marketing decisions. We would highly recommend them, and we look forward to working with them again in the future. We would like to thank the eBrandz's Affiliate team, well done and keep up the good work!!! "

    Michael Binc, Owner.
  • We had a wonderful experience working with eBrandz and I did not have any hesitation while signing up with eBrandz. I would whole heartedly recommend eBrandz to other companies except my competitors.

    Nay Phu Tran, C.E.O. & Managing Director. DIRECT FLIGHTS INTERNATIONAL
  • The Affiliate Programs are best run by eBrandz, so I don't have to worry about it and I can concentrate on my core business.
    Also, eBrandz Affiliate Marketing representatives are very professional and always address my questions and concerns, usually within an hour or so. I started seeing improvements within a month and Affiliate Marketing has helped me to grow my business.
    Yes, I would definitely recommend eBrandz Affiliate Marketing services to other companies

    Brett Anderson, Owner, The Space Store
  • I have seen a good motivational approach in their description of the program and no second thought for me. I made merchant registration for my website in their home network (one of the excellent departments of Regarding management of affiliate program I can say only one thing, simply superb and excellent.
    By all means I think it is business bondage and therefore, I ask every one who is in business need to have the expertise knowledge of eBrandz in a friendly way.

    P.B. Srinivas, Owner,
  • eBrandz Affiliate Marketing representatives are very professional and always address my questions and concerns, usually within an hour or so. There were also no problems in signing up with eAffiliatez or corresponding with them.

    Harry Roussard., Co-owner, Myperidotonline
  • eBrandz Affiliate Marketing professionals were always extremely responsive to my needs and their reports and statistics were very helpful in managing our progress. We had a wonderful time working with eBrandz and I whole heartedly recommend eBrandz to other companies...

    John Welsh. Owner, AstonishingcardsLLC
  • I highly recommend eBrandz affiliate marketing services. I have only been with them for 2 weeks now and already have 30 prospective affiliates to promote my product.

    Rodney Moorey. Owner, Massive In Minutes
  • First Data Independent Sales a wholly owned subsidiary of First Data Corporation (NYSE:FDC); is an industry leader in credit card processing for traditional and Internet businesses. I would recommend eBrandz Affiliate Marketing Service to other companies without any hesitation.

    Dan Arndt Principal, First Data Independent Sales
  • I would definitely recommend eBrandz as an affiliate management service provider. They take over the management of your program and work with you to tailor it to meet your requirements. They are always available and provide timely reports that summarize progress of the affiliate network development program.

    Sri Sethuram, Director Marketing, wowApic
  • eBrandz Affiliate Marketing experts managed my Affiliate Program with proficiency. They discussed with me every minute issues and kept me updated on the progress of Affiliate Marketing by sending Weekly and the Monthly reports...I would definitely recommend eBrandz to other companies who are seriously looking for an increase in their business..

    Andrew Neitlich, Owner / Program Developer, Center For Executive Coaching
  • Working with ebrandz has been a pleasure. The professionalism, the integrity, the follow-through has been better than I had expected. They have been very attentive to our needs. Most companies rarely contact you. They get your money and then hand you off to someone else. But ebrandz has been very good so far and I'm hoping for a very profitable partnership."

    Dr. Sam Robbins, Co-Founder, HFL Solutions, Inc.
  • I have been very pleased with the service I've received from eBrandz. My account manager has been friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable.
    They've handled the entire setup process for my affiliate program, efficiently and thoroughly. While my experience with other offshore vendors has at times been challenging (due to language barriers and time differences) working with eBrandz has bee a complete pleasure.

    Dave Murcott, Owner
  • eBrandz? service was a very cost effective way to build our affiliate program. eBrandz always responded to our questions in a timely manner We had a wonderful experience while working with eBrandz. I would definitely recommend ebrandz Affiliate Marketing Management Services to other companies.

    Steve Caswell (Owner)
  • eBrandz has been very responsive to my request to create affiliate tools for my affiliate program and have taken initiative to build my affiliate network successfully.
    I have found eBrandz to be competent and professional and I would recommend eBrandz - Affiliate Marketing Management Services to other companies.

    Steve Brennan, Plangea, Inc Leader of Kid's UV Apparel..
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